Counseling Referral Process

Referral Process

If you wish to refer a client for services, please submit the client referral form below.  Before submitting the referral, click here to make sure the client is located in our catchment area.  We do offer a telehealth option for anyone who may fall outside of our in-home/office visit coverage area.  Also check our payment options, to make sure we accept your insurance.  We do have private pay options for those who do not have insurance.  Any supporting documentation should be attached and submitted with your referral. If there is documentation that needs to be submitted at a later time, please fax it to (734) 557-3995.


Upon our receipt of the referral form, the information is reviewed and the client is assigned to a therapist. The therapist will then make contact with the person listed on the referral form as the first point of contact. If contact is not made by someone from WBC Counseling within 48 hours of submitting the referral, please contact our office at (734) 995-6755 to ensure that your referral was received.

Client Referral Form