Counseling TOOLS

Our Process for Change…


T.O.O.L.S.© is a proprietary behavioral modification process developed by White Behavioral Consultants to promote positive change in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) who are experiencing behavioral issues. At the core of T.O.O.L.S., is empowerment.
Timeline – We help the client plot the time between the accident and present day, in order to create a snapshot of who they were before the accident and help them to see where it is they want to go in the future.
Opportunity – Once the client has a timeline, we help him/her to recognize that he/she has the opportunity for a new beginning. At this point, empowerment begins.
One Day At A Time – We help the client understand that change can sometimes be a slow process and has to be achieved on a daily basis; in other words, one day at a time. Given the client’s cognitive deficits, our modalities are designed so they don’t overwhelm or overstimulate.
Lifestyle Change – We assist the client in realizing that a lifestyle change is okay and that the goal is permanency. Empowerment is what makes a lifestyle change permanent.
Solid Support System – We help the client identify those persons who he/she deems to be his/her support system, those who will attend meetings with the client and help with accountability. We recognize that as therapists, we are only in contact with the client one to two hours per week and that it is imperative that the client partner with others to achieve continuity of care and support.