Michelle Boyle – Clinical Therapist


Clinical Therapist Michelle Boyle“Positive change is a concept that I strongly subscribe to both personally, and professionally. We all have the ability to change. Pursuing a career path in counseling affords me the opportunity to empower those in need, and to help foster positive change their lives.”


Office Location: Ann Arbor


Undergraduate Education: BA in Psychology from Michigan State University


Graduate Education: MA in Community Counseling with specialization in Art Therapy from Wayne State University






Clinical Therapist

Art Therapist


Year Joined WBC: 2013, Clinical Internship; 2015, Behavioral Therapist


Personal Profile:
Michelle resides in Michigan with her husband, daughter, dog, and cat. She enjoys weightlifting, camping, and hiking. Michelle is also a professional visual artist and musician, performing with her husband for special events throughout the year. Michelle also provides art commissions and sells her art online, at art festivals, and in galleries.